During school days, as I can remember now, we used to celebrate Teacher’s day in our residential school. One of our senior class students would come to our classroom and take a class. And, the regular class teacher would sit among us and pay attention to what our senior was teaching. That was a kind of fun. On the teacher’s day, I want to remember my favourite teachers.

I would give my first admiration to Tirupati Rao sir, whom we used to call as T-sir. He used to teach us not just English, but general etiquettes about how to dress, how to tie shoe laces, and how to read morning news in front of the class and so many other non-classroom things. Though I don’t know his whereabouts now. But, whenever I think of residential days, he is the one who brings smile on my face.

Then, during my graduation I am a huge fan of Prof. K.Venketeswara Rao. He is famous as KV Rao. Apart from class-room lectures, I had some personal attachment with him. I still remember that day, when I was not allowed to dine in the hostel mess because I couldn’t pay mess bill in time. He called me to his house, and served hot hot chicken at his house with his own hands. That brought tears in my eyes. I will always remember that. Though he taught only two courses to us, my personal discussions with him, about relationships, love and life, have given a direction to my thoughts and ideas. At a time, when I was considering joining a software job after my bachelors, he is the one who convinced me to go for higher studies, and hence is my Masters degree from IISc. I will always remember him as my best mentor ever.

Whenever I watch the movie “Taare Zameen Par”, it always reminds me of those residential school days. I feel both nostalgic and painful. I am sure, for everybody there are one or two favourite teachers who have made a huge impact in life.

A very happy teacher’s day to all of those.

PS: I used to have the dream of becoming a professor at some renowned institute in India. But, I am way too far from that. Hope I can, someday, become close to some campus environment and fulfill my dream.