I’ve just finished reading few more pages from “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Every page and every line in the book are like sparks. Reading it in parts has its own beauty. It’s like enjoying the process of love making, feeling no urgency to have orgasm, and extending it further and further for an ultimate bliss. I am not exaggerating, that’s precisely my feeling while reading the novel.

I came out of bedroom and stood in the balcony. It’s already 11PM… lights are already off in most of the flats in the society. There is a lovely couple walking on the road. He is carrying their months baby, and she is holding his hand. What a lovely scene at this time of night. The neon lights have added to the beauty of this moment.

Thinking of these neon lights, I remember one black and white situation, rather an old memory. It was a cold night at the end of the city. Two young boys, who have just entered their 16th year of life, were sitting on their college compound walls. They were sharing a 5-Star chocolate. One was talking about his crush at his village, and the other was talking about his first love in college. Nothing was clear to them… at the same time nothing was confusing to them. In that misty, foggy, breezy night they were just enjoying talking about themselves and listening to each other.

What a lovely life that was!