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Hi all, this is rather an informative post. We bought a SAMSUMG 32″ LCD TV . I was very much fascinated with its features like HDMI ports, and USB connectivity, and above all its full HD resolution and 70000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Like many, I and my wife did our preliminary survey before deciding on this model. We are very much happy with its performance and features but were very disappointed to see that the TV signal reception is hardly 640X480 resolution, which makes the picture look pixelated. Hence, I decided to buy VGA cable to connect to my CPU and watch HD movies to exploit the TV’s full capacity.

I bought a nice quality VGA cable from computer peripheral shop. Even though I could export my CPU’s display to TV, there is a constant display of error message “Check Signal Cable” on the screen. After a week of frustrated search, I could finally figure out that the internal wire architecture of VGA cables differ from make to make. And, these Samsung TV’s will work properly only with the ones supplied by themselves. So, guys… before expecting your new gadget to work properly, do a proper survey of its make and model.

PS: Finally, I bought the cable from the Samsung shop (at mere 110 bucks) and enjoying my movies. You can visit this link to read lots of interesting discussion about this VGA cable issues.

PPS: Thanks to Krish for bringing the cable for me 😉