Around 13 years back, one of my friends (the same one I referred to here) used tell me about his simple plan of life. He wanted to settle in a small town, as a faculty at computer institute, staying in a rented penthouse, listening to radio in the evenings, and writing poetry etc. I was not having so much of clarity as he does, about what I want in life, and what I want to become (of course, becoming an Engineer is an obvious choice, because everybody around me was saying that I would become an Engineer someday). With things turning too dramatically, he went for higher studies, and ultimately pursued MBA from IIM, now working for a good company, married to his college love and recently became father for beautiful twins!

Why am I referring to him now? Just to remind myself his words “If I want to do something, I will just do it”. It feels really good to see such a beautiful and successful examples among the close circles. In such cases, success is not just outward. It’s solid and firm in all aspects. Controlling and streamlining emotions like anger, zeal, aspirations, and happiness etc. is a key thing to remember.

Now, when I look back, I am wondering… there must be proper plan and understanding to achieve something great. Just assuming that I will achieve so and so (in future?) will never work. Unfortunately, by the time we know what really interests (or matters), it’s already too far!

PS: To know what we want to do, with certainty, is the greatest things in life… isn’t it?