Yeah, I am talking about the happening movie… 3 idiots! It’s interesting to know that this is made based on the novel “five point someone” by Chetan Bhagat. I found this book, while I was browsing in an exhibition, way back in my final year of B.Tech. One thing that attracted me is the title fivepoint, and the caption below it saying “what not to do at IITs”. The book was  a perfect recipe for an undergrad student, as he can relate himself to the college incidents like ragging, grades, professors etc.

I must say that the movie version of it is much much better than the novel version. Except the typical hindi movie style of the delivery scene at the end, I’ll give 10 out of 10 for this movie. Though the novel was mostly focused on projecting IIT life in a humorous and witty way (with the informal language with many F words), the movie version has got some theme and message in it. Strive for excellence, and success follows you. Simple message… very well delivered! Aamir as well as Madhavan & Sharman have done it very well.

It’s not just the story of joyous college life, music, and fun. It’s about the story of difficulties, fear of success, and pressurized college environment in premier institutions. It’s good to see that some useless romance scenes from the novel are not included in the movie version. Instead, the movie is presented in an elegant, realistic and rich style.

The following lyrics are really touchy… I could partly relate to my IISc life!

“give me some sunshine… give me some rain… give me another chance… i wanna grow up once again”

PS: I am waiting to watch it for the second time, along with my friends. Go watch it guys, it’s worth the time!!!