Finally… I have attended a live music concert, last Friday. Times of India’s Crest Edition has organized for this live fusion of music at Shaniwarwada, Pune. When I saw the news in Times of India that we can get free pass for the same, I thought that there will be huge stampede and uproar at the concert. But, to my surprise, there were only limited passes distributed and the concert was very cleanly organized. Thanks to Times of India.

I was introduced to L Subramaniam‘s music albums by Ajay, my colleague at CRL. The first time I heard to Conversations, his album along with Stefen Greppali, it was an instant love. And now, to listen to his magic on violin, it’s simply bliss.

The concert started with Kavita Krishnamurthy‘s (wife of L Subramaniam) performance of Sreemannarayana, an Annamacharya keerthana. Such a melodious voice! Along with Kavita and Subramaniam, there were two grammy award winners, Ernie Watts on saxophone, and Corky Siegel on harmonica. I never knew that one can perform a whole song on a harmonica. Added to his music, his humor on the stage is awesome. The live performance of Conversations, by Subramaniam and his son Ambi was simply excellent. Lullaby song “Aariraaro” by Kavita and Corky was really soothing. Not just one, all compositions were great and enthralling. On the stage, Subramaniam commented “When Kavita sings, I am in trouble ;-)”, such a lovely couple.

So, that was my first ever live musical experience. Hats off to all those who performed there that night, and thanks to Times group for bringing it for us.