Within a span of less than two weeks, I have come across with two incidents. Both of them are similar…

1. Krish and myself were waiting for KSRTC bus at Kempegowda bus station, Bangalore. There came a guy, who looks around 20. He said that he lost his wallet, and he has to travel to Kochin. He also told that he is a student of some Management course. When Krish asked him what’s the proof that he is a student, he showed us some xerox copies of some marks lists, none of them having his photo on it. To believe or not to… As usual, we felt that the 140 bucks that he was asking falls within our error bar of daily (or weekly) expenses. So, we gave him 200 bucks. He said thanks and went away. But, a few minutes later I realized that he didn’t walk in the direction of ticket counter but in the opposite direction. Are we cheated? Or was he genuine? No clue!

2. Last Sunday, when I went to Pune station to receive my wife, I saw one of my office boys walking around. Though I don’t know him personally, I wished him just for the sake of courtesy. He took few seconds to recognize me. But, as soon as he recognized, he told me with a sad face that his grandpa has expired and he has to travel to Solapur and he needs 40 bucks. I gave him the money, but still the benefit of doubt remains… coz, he looks drunken.

In the above two situations, and many more that happened earlier, the point was not about money or helping. It’s about confidence and faith.

PS: When I inquired with one more office boy, about the office boy in the scene #2, he told that he (#2) usually takes money from people that way. Have I started suspecting genuineness of such people?