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the other day, I was waiting for my wife to call me after her office hours so that I can pick her up, and go somewhere. After crossing my usual half-an-hour threshold to be impatient, I tried to call her and there was “Error-in-connection” display in my mobile. I tried again and again and it’s the same. I cursed my NOKIA mobile first and restarted, but of no use. Finally, I had to go to local STD booth and made a call. Interestingly, there was no way to reach her because there was no network for her too. Damn… the network was not there for almost 3 hours. Finally, I reached her office and waited until she came out and the problem solved!

But, the question remains! What if her office is not nearby? What if I don’t find any STD booth nearby? What if she was in trouble? Huh… no answers for these questions, but to get adjusted to the fact that nothing is reliable these days. I wonder how we used to manage all these things when there were no mobiles or internet!

Interestingly, when I was making call from the STD booth, that guy asked me to write down my name and other details. It seems, it was a police order to keep blackmailing calls in check. Sounds interesting!

By the way, speaking of security… we have attended Shreya Ghoshal’s live performance on last Friday, which was organized by ‘Times of India’ as part of PUNE FESTIVAL. There was no security check absolutely. The immediate thought in all of our minds was “What if there is a terrorist attack in this crowd?”. We came out of the concert at around 9PM and surprisingly, we started getting calls from friends asking if we are safe! We got to know that there is a blast in Koregaon Park. Just a day before the blast, we had dinner near the German Bakery, where the blast occurred. Security… never guaranteed. How can it be anyway?

The best way is to ignore that fact that our lives are not safe, and live peacefully. At the end of the day, if we are still alive… sleep comfortably hoping that there will be another such day! After all, worrying is not going to do any good 🙂