I woke up weeping, this morning,
I dreamt you were no more,
My eyes – a deluge of tears,
My heart drenched in sorrow.

Hue by hue, one by one,
each moment that we’ve shared,
danced before my dreamy eyes,
Wistfully, I stared.

All the joy and laughter,
excitement and fun,
Fights and frustrations,
I saw them, every one.

Most saddening was the fact,
that I haven’t ever told,
what you mean to me,
how much you’ve changed my world.

What I am today, in part,
is due to the subtle changes you brought.
I cherish each moment shared with you,
I dearly, dearly love you.
May this relationship never end,
Im so glad to have you as my friend!

PS: This is a short-poem written by “my friend Mario”