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A: Is it possible for a person to be in love with more than one person at the same time?

B: It depends on your definition of love!

A: Of course, what I am talking is definitely not physical.

B: In that case, definitely yes. But people, in general, perceive it in a wrong direction unless they know your intentions, inside out.

A: Hmmm… OK, then what’s your definition of love?

B: When you put some efforts for the spiritual development of somebody, I would call it love.

A: Does that mean, you don’t call it love when you don’t interact with somebody with whom you are in love with?

B: No!

A: Why? How come?

B: As I told you earlier, I was reading this book “A road less travelled” by Scott Peck. It was about love and other emotions.

A: OK. For example, assume that I travel in a metro train everyday, and see certain person at certain place everyday… If mere looking at that person makes me feel happy, can’t it be called love… where there is no physical interaction?

B: I would rather call it attraction!

A: OK, let’s forget about this concept of love, and talk about happiness. List out some things/activities that make you happy in a day.

B: In general, when I see anything naturally beautiful I feel happy. And looking at kids always makes me feel happy.

A: Always? do you mean, even those kids with ragged dresses and with sad expressions, begging on the roads… those included?

B: No…

A: I got it. Seeing anything, that has some beauty, some health and some innocence, makes you happy!

B: Yes.

A: That’s only about seeing! What about other things?

B: When I put some good efforts in working out something, I feel happy irrespective of the outcome.

A: That’s very nice. I think you are already above the level where appreciation by somebody makes you happy. Of course, if somebody appreciates, that gives you a little more kick!

B: Yes.

A: and???

B: Human touch in general makes me feel happy.

A: Well… correct. But, if you consider a scenario where you travel in a PMT bus, after a tiring day, and somebody is touching you with a sweaty hand or whatever… doesn’t that makes you a little uncomfortable? I mean, aren’t there any exceptions about this happiness from human touch?

B: Yes, there are exceptions!

A: And?

B: and… some fragrances make me feel happy.

A: OK. Assume that god, almighty or the highest power whosoever has given you the ultimate freedom for an hour, what set of things/people/places will you choose and what do you do?

B: I feel I already have the desired amount of freedom to do what I want to do. And, as far as the constraints are concerned, I am happy with those too, as they help me grow up as a better person. So, as such I don’t have any complaints about what is available to me right now!

A: That’s great… now, do you think this conversation can become a post in my blog?

B: Yes… Oh, all this was an interview or something?

A: He hhe… no! These are some of the questions that I ask myself whenever I savour solitude.

B: 🙂

PS: Now, don’t ask me who is A and who is B. What there in a name anyway?  :p