Finally… I am writing something here after a loo…ng time. Last night’s ‘Vedam’ movie is making me write this post. My reaction while watching the movie was “wow… finally, somebody has taken good movie in amidst stinking comedy Tegulu movies”. I felt the same feeling as I got while reading the novel ‘Antharmukham’ by Yandamoori. Theme of the movie, as I understood, is… do good to others even if they’ve hurt you in the past. It reminds the fact that we are tooo small to show so much of ego and attitude. Efforts by the director Krish, and boldness of the two young heroes to do a multistarrer movie in Telugu, are appreciable.

I would rate it at 5 out of 5. If you have time and energy to think a little bit, just go and watch the movie! It’s worth your time.

By the way, listen to the songs and concentrate on the lyrics… excellent!