Somehow, my mind is lingering over the word “departing” today… Life can be viewed as a journey through a network of routes. Every junction represents a new decision/choice we made. Roughness or complexity of the travel in that route, of course, depends on the traffic or fellow travelers (fiends, relatives, colleagues and life partner come into this category) and our ability to manage with them.  As long as there is only one route, there is no complexity. Making a choice is a complicated thing, isn’t it? Particularly, when the destination (for life?? silly again) is unknown. Okay… the list of fellow passengers depends on mutual decisions which are, most of the times, not in our control.  Granted that, the duration of time a particular fellow passenger (be it your friend, crush, colleague or for that matter even spouse) stays along, is uncertain. If there comes a time where the journey together is no longer possible, both parties knowing the fact that it is imminent. By this time, the journey-together might have added so many events into both the lives. Does departing really require a formal adieu? The best, or perhaps the most cruel way to depart is without saying a word… making it an unfinished journey! What say folks?

PS: On rereading, I felt that above paragraph is looking strange to myself. Uh… I feel like boozing out 😉