One thing I am doing regularly in recent times, is to read few pages every night from a good novel. The recent books that I read/reading are…

Prizes‘ by Erich Segal: Just like his other books, this one is rich too. It’s a mix of stories of three individuals who are excellent in their in their own fields, and capable of the Nobel. More than their excellence in their respective fields, be it physics or immunology, each of the individuals go through emotional turmoils in life. The path to success/recognition is not alone, but it is a combined effort of many, directly or indirectly. The novel has left me with a heavy and light feeling at the end.

Manchu Pallaki‘ by Vamsi: A telugu novel. It’s the story of a village boy, brought to city and grew up in varying conditions. Everyone he met, during his course of growing up, is unique in their own way. Trapped in his own feelings for an elderly girl at his village during his childhood, he grows up with a dream to marry her after he settles down, only to learn that she’s long married to someone else. He escapes from one set of people to another, and finally ends up serving as a doctor in a tribal village. Apart from the depicting the protagonist’s story, the author touches many subtle aspects of daily life. By the way, there is a telugu movie with same title but different story.

Saayamkaalamayindi‘ by Gollapudi Maruti Rao: Until recently, I know the author only as an actor mostly for negative roles. This book is a story woven between generations of an orthodox family, and how the old traditions are broken due to modern times. The sensitive side of relations between children staying abroad and parents who spend their own lives living their children’s dreams. I would say, “If you are looking for a good telugu book to read and feel, this certainly is one for you”.