For the last few days, everywhere in news papers and all over the web is filled with news update on Japan’s earth quake. Though I am not so good at being up-to-date with news around, the zist of the story is “Japanese are very well prepared for the disaster. Had it been anywhere else, people would have gone crazy. The calmness and the strengh being shown by Japanese is exemplary.” Read more details here. At this point, it made me wonder… what if there is an earth quake in the place where I live? My immediate worry would be about the home loan. Damn… it would be terrible. All my hard-earned income is tied to one big thing. If that fails, most part of my active life is gone!

When I look back, my domain in pre-job-life is pretty much simple. Few exams to study, few friends, evening walks, and plenty of time for hobbies and random thoughts. Now, it is almost rare to see rising/setting sun. Back there in my hometown, their monthly total budget is just about my monthly food bill. And, they don’t have this 9 to 6 (9?) schedule. Except for electronic gadgets, medical facilities and a feeling of self-reliance… there is literally nothing more to justify this life-style.

Again, it’s all in the perspective!