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Test post from my galaxy…

PS: had fun with ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’ lst night


The Red Rules ;-)


My company id badge is tagged with the following instructions, termed as “The Red Rules”

  • Know what is expected of you
  • Understand the job, the procedures and the objectives
  • Make sure you have the tools you need
  • Check your equipment/tools and make sure you are confident they will work as expected
  • Confirm the job, procedures and objectives with the customer
  • Understand the customer’s expectations
  • Know when and who to call for help, and have their phone number ready and available

Now, imagine what happens if somebody calls you on your honeymoon night, and read out all these rules!

Have a good day ūüôā

It’s all in the perspective



For the last few days, everywhere in news papers and all over the web is filled with news update on Japan’s earth quake. Though I am not so good at being up-to-date with news around, the zist of the story is “Japanese are very well prepared for the disaster. Had it been anywhere else, people would have gone crazy. The calmness and the strengh being shown by Japanese is exemplary.” Read more details here.¬†At this point, it made me wonder… what if there is an earth quake in the place where I live? My immediate worry would be about the home loan. Damn… it would be terrible. All my hard-earned income is tied to one big thing. If that fails, most part of my active life is gone!

When I look back, my domain in pre-job-life is pretty much simple. Few exams to study, few friends, evening walks, and plenty of time for hobbies and random thoughts. Now, it is almost rare to see rising/setting sun. Back there in my hometown, their monthly total budget is just about my monthly food bill. And, they don’t have this 9 to 6 (9?) schedule. Except for electronic gadgets, medical facilities and a feeling of self-reliance… there is literally nothing more to justify this life-style.

Again, it’s all in the perspective!

Being error-tolerant…


Maintaining a error-free environment is almost next to impossible. period. Trying to correct someone almost every time they do mistakes is not going to help either person. period. Instead, it is best to accommodate the errors, both others’ and ours, and make it a happy place. period. After all… to err is human and to forgive is divine. Since I can’t be divine, I may try to be a human by accommodating errors :p

Recent books…


One thing I am doing regularly in recent times, is to read few pages every night from a good novel. The recent books that I read/reading are…

Prizes‘ by Erich Segal: Just like his other books, this one is rich too. It’s a mix of stories of three individuals who are excellent in their in their own fields, and capable of the Nobel. More than their excellence in their respective fields, be it physics or immunology, each of the individuals go through emotional turmoils in life. The path to success/recognition is not alone, but it is a combined effort of many, directly or indirectly. The novel has left me with a heavy and light feeling at the end.

Manchu Pallaki‘ by Vamsi: A telugu novel. It’s the story of a village boy, brought to city and grew up in varying conditions. Everyone he met, during his course of growing up, is unique in their own way. Trapped in his own feelings for an elderly girl at his village during his childhood, he grows up with a dream to marry her after he settles down, only to learn that she’s long married to someone else. He escapes from one set of people to another, and finally ends up serving as a doctor in a tribal village. Apart from the depicting the protagonist’s story, the author touches many subtle aspects of daily life. By the way, there is a telugu movie with same title but different story.

Saayamkaalamayindi‘ by Gollapudi Maruti Rao: Until recently, I know the author only as an actor mostly for negative roles. This book is a story¬†woven between generations of an orthodox family, and how the old traditions are broken due to modern times. The sensitive side of relations between children staying abroad and parents who spend their own lives living their children’s dreams. I would say, “If you are looking for a good telugu book to read and feel, this certainly is one for you”.




At the end of one of the (so-called) busy days, I have shown her picture to K. There was no response. My particular interest in showing this to him was in i)the sheer beauty of the pose ii) the depth of expression on her face and iii) the photographer’s expression about the taking.

Later, when I asked K about the picture he replied “Yes, the picture was good. In fact, so good”. When I kept on praising the beauty (of the picture ;-)) he stopped me with a single sentence “Why do you want to analyse it? It’s simple and just admire it”

How true!

PS: Haven’t you seen the picture yet?

hands we have never held…


, ,

Sun in the earth… sunflower

Bird in the air… rain

Eye within eye… daybreak


Streets we have never walked on

Windows we have never opened

Hands we have never held

Dreams we shall never… never see again


Lives we have never lived

Hopes we have never realized

Fires we have never lit

Loves we have never… never make again


Sun in the earth… sunflower

Bird in the air… rain

Eye within eye… daybreak


I hear those whispers again…


P S: Lyrics of a song from the movie “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi“. Can anyone tell me who is the lyricist for these wonderful lines?



If you are predictable, people say “You’re so predictable… it is so easy to deal with you”. But then, it’s a problem to you!

If you do/say anything different from normal, people say “You’re¬†unpredictable… you say something then, and something else now”

The problem is… it always is a problem, if you want to look at it so!!